Corporate China loves .com

October 26, 2019 (Sat). I enjoy studying domains used by Chinese companies. The reason is very simple. As China grows to become the largest economy in the world, corporate demand for domains will increase. Knowing what domains are sought after will be very useful when selling domains to China.

Baidu is a valuable tool. It helps me understand domains desired by corporate China. To find out domains used by a company, just search on its Chinese name and then check the result. For example, searching on 华为 (Hua Wei) reveals that is the corporate (官方=official) domain of Huawei.

I applied this method to the top 10 listed companies covered by the recently published "2019 Q2 Performance of Listed Internet Companies in China" report (translated. Chinese title: 2019年二季度我国互联网上市企业运行情况), and found the following corporate/related domains.

1. 阿里巴巴 (=Alibaba.; also owns
2. 腾讯控股(=Tencent Holding.
3. 美团点评 (=Meituan.
4. 京东 (=Jing Dong.
5. 百度 (=Baidu.
6. 网易 (=Netease.; also owns
7. 腾讯音乐 (=Tencent Music.
8. 拼多多 (=Pinduoduo.
9. 三六零 (=360 Total Security.; also owns
10. 携程网 ( International.

Nine out of ten use .com and their domains are brand-matching. Simple English is acceptable, as shown in domains such as,, and Also, short numeric domains are popular too. So, use this information to help you when selling to corporate China.

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