Huawei, kindness of strangers, domains

May 25, 2019 (Sat). A Chinese proverb says "Be vigilant so as not to be harmed (防人之心不可无)". A similar one in English is "Do not depends on the kindness of strangers". I find both of them appropriate when we look at the crisis being thrown at Huawei.

The issue is complex. As I understand, Huawei will be cut off from supply of components from American vendors starting August 19. Worse still, it will not be allowed to place Google's app store on its mobile phones. This may disable Huawei phone users from connecting with their favorite companies via the app store.

This highlights the importance of not overly depending on partners of your business. In internet commerce, two areas are of great concern: social networks and app stores.

If you rely only on a social network to connect to your customers, you don't own your customers. The network operator can change the rules on a whim and, for example, charge you for accessing your customers or even kick you out. In a similar way, if your connection with your customers is via an app store, the store can shut you out for whatever reason it chooses.

Self reliance is the answer. In the digital world, this means building your corporate headquarters (website) on a good domain. Treat the domain as the hub of your wheel of business, and bring back to the hub all potential customers you can find from the spokes of social networks, app stores, and other venues.

Watch the rapidly evolving technologies. The future is about building your own social network within your digital world where your customers can socialize and interact with you – all under your control. Also, web apps as demonstrated by Starbucks and Pinterest will free you from the grid of app stores.

In short, domains will become the center of all digital businesses. Therefore, choose a good domain. If you aspire to become a global player, consider adopting the EnglishDotCom domain strategy.

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