Sequel to a poor man's guide to creating a global brand/domain

March 23, 2019 (Sat). If you aspire to be a global player, you need to own your .com domain on day one. Most global brands own their brand-matching .com and so should you. But, aren't .com domains expensive? Not necessary -- if you know where to find them.

My article "A poor man's guide to creating a global brand/domain" teaches you how to create a new domain for about $10. Today, I'll show you how to buy a good .com domain for about $30. The secret is knowing that tens of thousands of domains are expiring everyday and there is treasure hidden in them. If you work hard, you'll uncover a good domain from this "garbage dump".

I use the free to help me spot good domains. Here's a simple example on how use this powerful tool. Again, let's imagine you are going to start a wine business.

From, click Marketplace Domains and then GD Closeouts.

Click Show Filter and enter filter conditions. Common tab: set the minimum and maximum price to 11. Enter "wine" for Domain Name Whitelist ends with. Additional tab: select ".com" for Original gTLDs.

Click Apply Filter. The following domains appear (as of this writing):,,,,,,,,,

Here's a quick explanation. Expiring domains are available from many sources and GD Closeouts is one of them. It is run by the largest domain registrar in the world Godaddy. The number 11 is the highest price of an expiring domain in this category, which drops by $1 everyday if no one wants it.

If you like a domain, just click Buy Now to purchase it for $11 plus a year of renewal fee -- all together for less than $30. Otherwise, change the filter conditions to see more domains. If you save the filter conditions, you only need to spend a few minutes everyday to look for new expiring domains. provide a large number of filter conditions and I have shown you only the very basic usage. So, be sure to familiarize yourself with this tool.

Finally, a word on "brand-matching". What is it? Suppose you own the company Alibaba Group Holding and it's generally known as "Alibaba", then is brand-matching but not or

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