Google demo points to massive value of digital address

March 2, 2019 (Sat). I was stunned by the Google demo I saw last year. In the demo, the AI-powered digital assistant called a hairdresser in the real world and booked a haircut for its client. The assistant even added 'ummm' and 'aaah' in the conversation, but the lady on the other end had no idea that she was actually talking to a digital robot!

Now, imagine the day when you can deploy such robots as shop assistants at your digital store. These store assistants are patient and never get angry with customers. They can speak the language and even down to the dialect of the customer they are serving. They are experts in fashion trends and they have massive knowledge about products. They can work on day one without the need for traditional staff training. Every customer who walks into your store will be served immediately by a knowledgeable and courteous assistant who never sleeps or complains.

What's the implication? You will be able to run a digital store which is global, open 24/7, and equipped with world-class customer service. Now, compare it with a traditional retail store which is local, open for limited time of the day, and dependent on the quality of its human staff.

I see a future where digital stores will overtake traditional stores and money is in digital retailing. To become a major player, you need a good digital address which is short, simple, and easy to remember so that your store reputation can be spread widely to millions of consumers around the world via word of mouth.

Domains are digital address so good domains will be very expensive in the future. Therefore, get one now while it is still cheap.

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