How to contact a domain owner in China

February 9, 2019 (Sat). 恭喜恭喜!新春快乐! Happy Chinese New Year! I look forward to another year of good conversation with my readers.

You have just come up with a great brand name, so the next step is to acquire its matching domain. You type the domain into the browser but nothing appears. You turn to a domain ownership checking tool such as but no contact information comes up. But, you notice the domain is managed by a registrar in China. If that happens, here is a tip you can try.

China has been a buyer of high-end domains in recent years and this trend does not seem to stop any time soon. As a result, the chance of dealing with a domain owner in China is increasing, especially in the high-end market. For example, LL (letter-letter) .com domains are considered one of the most expensive domain categories and 2018 saw almost 40% of them gone almost 40% of LL .com domains sold in 2018 went to China.

In China, Alibaba Cloud Computing (also known as Aliyun or formerly HiChina) is the largest domain registrar, managing close to 2 million domains or four times the size of the No. 2 registrar Ename. If the domain you want to acquire is managed by Alibaba, you can try the following method to contact the domain owner.


Fill out the form by entering the domain you want to acquire, your email address, and other relevant information. For the contact person, you can choose Registrant, Admin Contact, or Tech. Since Registrant is the domain owner, usually you want to specify this option.

Submit the form and your message will be forwarded to the domain owner.

Now, you just need to hope that your message will interest the domain owner to contact you. For other domain registrars in China, you can do a search on their name + the term "whois" to locate their Whois address, then check to see if they have similar message forwarding service.


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