A poor man's guide to creating a global brand/domain

January 26, 2019 (Sat). The internet is a breeding ground of global brands. Once you get there, you'll find bankers, designers, manufacturers, payment processors, logistics providers, and many other talented contacts. If you have a good idea, you'll have every opportunity to get the help and become a global brand.

What do global brands look like? One common feature is the use of a brand-matching .com domain as their digital address. Alibaba can be found at, Apple at, and Rakuten at, so what about your brand? If you want to be like them, do the same thing they do: get a brand-matching .com. Doing so will allow you to look big on day one of your little startup.

How do you sell to the entire world? Create a simple brand that is memorable, which also means an English-based name because English is the de facto global language. Today, I'll share with you how to create a brand name and register its matching .com domain for about $10.

[Step 1] Think of one or more keywords to describe your business. For this exercise, suppose you're going to sell wine, so "wine" is a keyword.

[Step 2] Search on the internet using the phrase "simple english word list". For this exercise, I have found Wikipedia's "List of 1000 basic words" which contains the most common English words such as air, baby, and cake.

[Step 3] Add your keyword to the front or end of each word from the list. Some examples are WineAir (wine+air), AirWine (air+wine), WineBaby (wine+baby), and BabyWine (baby+wine). Even better, ask a computer friend to write a small program to do it for your programmatically. This exercise produces 2,000 made-up names.

[Step 4] Discover which of the made-up names are still available on .com for registration. Use a bulk search tool such as which has a limit of 5,000 domains per search. NameBright reported 647 .com domains available as of this writing, such as,, and

[Step 5] Study and pick a small number of domains form the large number of choices. You may also want to check their trademark issue by using a trademark database such as

[Step 6] Finally, pick a .com domain you like both in terms of the name and the trademark issue. Register the domain immediately, and the domain minus .com becomes your corporate brand.

The whole exercise may cost you a few hours, but you'll get a brand with its matching .com domain. Note that in this exercise, we focus on the domains first before deciding the corporate brand. Are such made-up names viable? Of course, just look at (China), (USA), (India), and many other successful brands in the world. So, have full confidence that such approach will work.

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