Memorable, memorable, memorable

January 12, 2019 (Sat). After we moved to the Middle Earth, I was introduced to property investment and learned the rule in picking good addresses in the physical world: location, location, location. Now that a digital world is developing and poised to become the center of our lives, how do you pick good addresses in this new world?

In the physical world, addresses are generally long and difficult to remember. For example, there is a Apple store at Building 6, No. 19, Sanlitun Road, Taikoo Li Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Unless you are a regular customer there, it's unlikely that you can remember this address.

However, the digital world is different. Here, you have the freedom to choose your address -- and you can choose a memorable one. What is an address in the digital world? It is called "domain", and I have talked about this concept many times. See the detailed explanation on digital address.

The question now becomes: How do you choose a good domain? A domain consists of three parts: name, dot and extension. Since the internet is global, the goal is to find a name and an extension that most consumers in the world can remember. An English-based name on the .com extension is the best choice because English is the global language and .com the global extension. I call it the "EnglishDotCom" domain strategy.

Taking it one step further, the more common an English word is, the more consumers in the world can understand. An excellent example is the word "apple" which is short and universally understood. Steve Jobs was genius when he turned this simple word into a global brand unrelated to the fruit. Today, when you think of "Apple", you think of consumer electronics and you know you can buy them at Billions of dollars of business have gone through this digital address.

Chinese companies know the power of the EnglishDotCom domain strategy too. Look at brands such as Tencent (, Sense Time ( and Baby Tree ( They know English words are more widely understood than Pinyin words.

In summary, the rule in selecting good addresses in the digital world is "memorable, memorable, memorable".

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