Few tips to make your digital address stand out in ads

November 24, 2018 (Sat). Domains were introduced over 30 years ago, yet many corporate executives still do not know how to write their digital address (domain) to make it stand out in ads and bring consumers directly to their online store. I felt strongly about this issue when I was visiting Japan lately. Here are some examples of digital addresses in the ads I saw while riding the subway in Tokyo.

Did you know that you can easily improve their readability by simply removing the prefixes and creatively capitalizing some letters? Without these prefixes, domains should still work if they have been set up correctly. So, follow the tips below.

1. Remove http: or https:
2. Remove //
3. Remove www.
4. Freely capitalize any letter

If consumers can remember your digital address, they can come directly to your online store without any assistance from third-party services such as search engines. This translates into saving money in ad placement in search engines. So, based on the tips, the digital addresses mentioned earlier can be rewritten as follows:

Because you can capitalize any letter in a domain, this also means there is no need to use a hyphen (-) to separate words. For example, could have been registered as (On a side note, the company name is Art Vivant so it should simply be registered as Luckily, the company also owns

Also, .com has advantage here because it is the most recognizable extension across the world. Compare these two domains: and Which one of them can be easily identified as a domain? Since .com also projects prestige and credibility, I suggest that you use a .com domain as your digital address if you can. Doing so will immediately raise your profile to become a global brand. Remember, the internet is global by its very nature.

Finally, as a good example, look at the title picture of this article where the Japanese money lender writes its brand matching domain as This style focuses on the brand name and makes it easy for consumers to remember.

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