A learning trip to Taiwan

November 3, 2018 (Sat). I have found in life that you can learn regardless of where you are. Your environment often provides many learning opportunities if you just open your eyes wide. This is once again confirmed in our current visit of Taiwan.

It's been quite a long while since I last visited Taiwan, so naturally many things have changed. Having just left Japan a few days ago, I find getting free Wi-Fi in Taiwan really easy. Many buses provide this service onboard and the connection is very simple. No sign-up. No email verification. Just select an access point and off you go. Some buses even have electrical outlets installed under the seats.

Of course, unpleasant surprises are part of the game. For example, when we took a bus yesterday it surprisingly went to the opposite direction. Imagine this: same bus stop, same bus number, and three days in a row riding it with no problem. Yesterday I learned that the same bus can go either direction and I must check its destination in addition to its number.

Nonetheless, the best thing I have learned is related to domains. Early this week I was watching a Taiwanese TV news commentary program. It had a tiny segment where the spokesman for China's National Development and Reform Commission (国家发改委) said that there are 27 million private enterprises (民营企业) and 65 million sole proprietorship (个体工商户). This means there is a total of 92 million businesses in China.

Compare the 92 million businesses with the 38 million domains and only 5 million websites in China. The implication is obvious: most businesses do not own a domain and website. However, this will change as businesses realize the only way to control their own destiny is to move off platforms such as and and build their own store at their own digital address (domain).

How about you? If you still do not own a domain, it's time to look at your corporate brand and secure your brand-matching domain.

Note: Picture is taken from under Creative Commons.

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