What is the Chinese meaning of

October 6, 2018 (Sat). A reader asked me recently for the Chinese meaning of the domain So, in this article I'll explain how I create Chinese meanings for numeric domains. I use the word "create" here because numbers have no intrinsic meanings in Chinese. They are given meanings by using the rhyming technique.

For example, the popular number 8 rhymes with (sounds like) the Chinese character 发 (Pinyin Fa) which means making a lot of money. Actually, 8 also rhymes with many other Chinese characters, such as 爸 (Ba=father), 吧 (Ba=bar), 拜 (Bai=pay respect), 霸 (Ba=tyrant), and 百 (Bai=hundred). In other words, a single-digit number can be given many Chinese meanings.

If you have more digits in a number, the task becomes more challenging. In addition to getting multiple Chinese characters for each digit, you also need to combine the Chinese characters and select combinations that make sense. Let's see how it works using the domain First, I try to find as many Chinese characters as I can for 2 and 5.

2: 爱(love), 安(peace), 儿(child), 耳(ear), 按(press), 偶(accidental), 二(two), 啊(Ah!), 饿(hungry), 鹅(goose)
5: 屋(house), 我(me), 玩(play), 武(martial), 舞(dance), 物(thing), 吻(kiss), 无(nothing), 网(net), 晚(late)

The second step is to combine the Chinese characters to see if they make sense. For example,
爱(love) + 屋(house) = 爱屋 (love house)
爱(love) + 我(me) = 爱我 (love me)
爱(love) + 玩(play) = 爱玩 (love to play)

The following combinations do not make much sense.
耳(ear) + 屋(house) = 耳屋(ear house)
耳(ear) + 我(me) = 耳我(ear me)
耳(ear) + 玩(play) = 耳玩(ear play)

You can continue and check the various combinations of the Chinese characters, which is quite a time-consuming exercise. So far, I have found three Chinese meanings for the domain 爱屋 (Ai Wu=love house), 爱我 (Ai Wo=love me), and 爱玩 (Ai Wan=love to play). The three Chinese meanings (or brands) can be used in real estate, dating, and games respectively.

Note that rhyming has its limitation. It only works with very short numeric domains. Also, the Chinese meanings are lost once you step out of China, so numeric domains are by and large not very suitable for global business. Finally, the rhyming technique requires a good understanding of the Chinese language.

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