What is the digital address (domain) of your store?

September 15, 2018 (Sat). Would you like to visit me and see all the works I have done? Just enter my digital address in the address bar of your browser. You see, such digital address is hard to remember and so that's where domains come in.

When the internet was born, an address system was developed for this digital world. Each digital address is called an IP (Internet Protocol) address, which consists of four blocks of numbers. Examples are (Baidu), (Alibaba), and (Apple). Try them in your browser and see what you get.

Soon, it was realized that such addresses are very difficult to remember, so the Domain Name System (DNS) was invented to match IP addresses with names. Using the three examples, becomes, becomes, and becomes

Suddenly, your digital address in the form of a domain becomes very easy to remember – which also gives rise to a very powerful tool. Remember that the internet is global and open 24/7? If you choose a good digital address (domain), your customers will remember it. They'll tell their friends who in turn will tell their friends. Word-of-mouth promotion will enable you to reach the whole world and your customers will come to you directly. In other words, your business will not be dictated by the likes of Baidu and Google -- and you'll save a lot of money in advertising too.

A good example is ecommerce startup Jing Dong which invested $5 million to acquire to upgrade from in 2012. The company saw a large increase in visitors to their website coming directly instead of clicking paid ads in search engines. It was reported that, as a result, they saved some $20 million a year in search engine advertising. Jing Dong has also become the 3rd largest internet company in the world according to Wikipedia.

So, what is a good digital address (domain) for your global business? I recommend the following three characteristics: (1) identical brand and domain, (2) simple English-based, (3) .com extension.

By the way, you can remember my digital address as instead of See you there!

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