Running out of domain names or creative minds?

August 12, 2017 (Sat). Esther Dyson understands domain names. She was the founding chairman of domain organization ICANN after all. In 2011, she was asked by a Techcrunch reporter how she felt about the large number of new extensions to be introduced soon. Their conversation has left me with a deep impression:

TC: Are we running out of domains?
Dyson: No, we run out of space in people's head.


What Dyson meant is that if we use our brain well, we can still create new domain names on the existing extensions. Therefore, there is no need for new extensions. Her comment has been very accurate, because, as I read Techcrunch everyday, I often see startups creating meaningful domain names on .com. Here are five examples I want to share with you.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2016. Qupital is an online invoice discounting exchange. It has recently raised $2m in seed financing from Alibaba. was registered in 2016 and apparently Qupital in the domain name is a combination of "cupid" and "capital", suggesting the company as a match-maker between those seeking capital and those providing it.

Founded in the USA in 2016. Sayspring is a development environment for creating voice-enabled apps. It has raised $1.5m in funding. was registered in 2016 and "Say" in the domain name is related to the voice feature of the product.

Founded in UK in 2016. Shipamax is a platform for bulk shipping. It has raised $2.5m in funding recently. was registered in 2016 and "Ship" in the domain name is related to what the company does.

Founded in France in 2012 (The company was called Trooclick but changed to Storyzy in 2016). Storyzy uses natural language processing technologies to help readers identify fake news stories. Last year, it raised $1m in funding. was registered in 2016 and "Story" in the domain name is related to what the company does.

Founded in Lebanon in 2015. BambooGeeks conducts immersive coding boot camps. was registered in 2016 and "Geeks" in the domain name also refers to those obsessive with computer-related tasks.

These domain names are all globally branded domain names. In other words, each of the name uses the .com extension and fully matches its brand name. These examples tell us that even today we can register a good domain name if we use our creative minds. For more discussion on this topic, read "How to create a global brand .com with only $10" and "See how my friend Fale created a globally branded domain name".

Founded in the USA in 2016. AavGo enables hotel guests to use the AavGo-provided tablet in their room to request food, toothpaste, and other room services. was registered in 2016; "Aav" (meaning "come") is an Indian word so the whole name means "come and go", which is very appropriate for the intended users of AavGo.

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