Direct Visit + Uptrend = Must Use Good Domain Name

July 1, 2017 (Sat). Consumers demand online shopping to be fast and simple. Therefore, businesses must pay attention to every step in the buying process. Naturally, the first and most important step is to encourage consumers to come and visit a website.

Since 2012, Baidu has released data of online visitors collected from more than 1.5 million websites. I re-organized the data slightly to produce the following table.

YearDirect VisitReferralSearch EngineDirectory Social Media

The numbers give a clear picture: direct visit is the biggest source of visitors and it is trending up. In other words, these visitors remember a domain name, and enter it in their browser to visit its website. Obviously, a good domain name makes it easy for consumers to remember, which will bring more direct traffic and sales opportunities.

Business giants in China understand this fact well. They even try to enhance consumer memory by embedding domain name in their company logo. Some examples are Alibaba, Jing Dong, Le TV, and Taobao.

So, are you doing the same by using a good domain name?

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