How to create a global brand .com with only $10

May 6, 2017 (Sat). Domain name is the entrance to your corporate world. Therefore, it should match your brand name, be easy to remember, and be used globally. Today, any startup can become a global brand thanks to the internet.

I read Techrunch everyday to understand trends in the internet. What I have found is that many successful startups across the world share three common characteristics: (1) they use .com, (2) their domain name matches their brand name, and (3) they use English or English-like words in the domain name. Here in China, the same trend is going on. For example, mobile handset maker Vivo uses, bike-sharing startup Mobike uses, and parenting service provider Babytree uses They all follow the same naming style.

However, many startup founders say .com domain names are expensive and so resort to other domain extensions. It doesn't have to be that way! I think you can still find a decent .com name to register if you will spend some time in thinking. Therefore, I want to show you a method that allows you to create a global brand and .com name for about $10. The method basically makes use of two English words to create a domain name. Why English? The reason is simple: English is still the most widely used language in the world. A domain name based on simple English words can be understood by consumers in many countries.

First, analyze your business and extract some keywords from it. If your language is not English (as the case in China), translate the keywords to English. For example, suppose you offer educational services. The keywords can be: excel, learn, education, training, school, ec. Then, use a name generator to generate domain names. Here, I'll use is a free service offered by The site is easy to use and below is a screenshot of it.


  1. Enter a keyword into the search box: "excel" in this example. The search result indicates 611 .com names are available for registration.
  2. Decide whether you want "excel" to be placed at the beginning or the end of your domain name:
  3. Then, spend some time to select domain names you like. For example, I like: ExcelDream, ExcelAngel, and ExcelBird.
  4. If necessary, enter another keyword and select more domain names.
  5. Finally, analyze these domain names, select the best one, and register it at your domain registrar. Regarding the price, for example as of this writing both Aliyun and Godaddy are offering less than $10 (in China). If your registrar is Godaddy, you can use the discount codes indicated in the following post on the Namepros domain forum and register for an even cheaper price: (

By using this method to register your .com, then the domain name also becomes your brand name. For example, if you register, then is your domain name and Excel Bird your global brand. You can shoot two birds with just one stone! In the future, you can enter the global market at any time without having to worry about needing a domain name for this purpose.

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