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Domains are grand seeds, and these seeds can develop into grand trees of global enterprises serving every corner of the world. Each domain also sports the following characteristics.

Digital address

A domain is the address of your digital store. If you want to visit Apple, just go to If you want to visit Alibaba, again just go to What is your digital address? Is your address easy to remember?


A brand can be seen as having two components: brand name (what) and brand address (where). For example, "Tesla" tells you it's about electric cars and "" tells you where to get one.


A good domain is an asset which grows in value over time. For example, was sold for $21,000 in 2017 then $120,000 in 2018, and was sold for $3 million in 2014 then $ 3.5 million in 2018.


July 30

If you see a brand using a subdomain of its parent company's domain, there may be an opportunity to sell your domain which matches the subdomain. That's what I thought when I read a Baidu article (Chinese) about the entertainment startup Mao Yan. Continue reading...

July 28

We often see the expression ".com is king" which usually refers to the situation in the United States. Sometimes I also see this term used inside China. However, is .com really No. 1 in China? Continue reading...

July 28

China may be the only country I know that embraces numeric domains. You can find their use in many industries. Today, I'll talk about a numeric domain being used in an interesting way with great profit potential. Continue reading...

July 27

It’s time to look at some 4-character domains sold in June and see if they may appeal to end users in China as upgrades. This can be done by checking both .cn and domains of the corresponding .com sold. Continue reading...

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